At S & H Realty Corporation, we are first and foremost
retail strategists.

Retail is a complex sector of the real estate market, and specialized knowledge is key to success. Founded in 1984, S & H Realty Corporation provides retail consulting and leasing services to clients on projects as diverse as shopping centres, major office buildings, airports, hotels, condominiums and hospitals. Targeted services can include: market research and feasibility studies and retail leasing and repositioning strategies.

We specialize in four
core retail sectors.

  1. Urban Mixed Use Projects
    Urban mixed-use projects are being conceived by a number of developers, but the execution of these projects requires not only expert knowledge but an exceptional network of contacts. S & H works with landlords to create the retail strategy and merchandise mix as well as secure the optimal group of tenants to generate the right image and optics for the project as a whole – thereby ensuring its success.
  2. Retail for Healthcare Facilities
    In 1999 when S & H embarked on a ground-breaking retail project with the University Health Network, a retail and revenue generation focus in healthcare facilities was rare. Today, S & H has worked with more than 50 hospital clients across Canada, from acute-care hospitals, to long-term care, complex continuing care and retirement communities. S & H is able to offer: Retail Master Plan Strategies, consumer research, stakeholder needs assessment, financial feasibility studies and strategy implementation / leasing through public processes.
  3. Shopping Centres
    S & H believes that shopping centres need to be ever-changing, conscious of their community and always striving to be a worthwhile space. That means understanding the trade area, finding the right tenant mix, and creating a win-win for the shopping centre and retailer alike. Support services for shopping centre clients include: strategy development for retail leasing, retail repositioning and tenant retention, expert witness services, and market research.
  4. Restaurant and Hospitality
    Consulting / Leasing
    S & H provides not only real estate services to restaurant and hospitality clients, but also consulting for hospitality operations – a key advantage in this fast-paced and competitive sector. S & H has worked on some of the most high-profile restaurants in Toronto: Toula at the Westin Harbour Castle; Bymark at the Toronto Dominion Centre; Reds at First Canadian Place; and Far Niente at Commerce Court.

S & H Realty Corporation is a registered real
estate broker in the province of Ontario.

Our track record speaks for itself.